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Syneron Laser Treatment

Syneron Laser Treatment Las Vegas
Lasers weren’t invented until the 1960’s, although sometimes, it feels like they’ve been around for much longer, and it wasn’t until the 1970’s that they were finally stable enough to use on human skin, for dermatological treatments. Of course, while laser offered treatments and results that were light years ahead of their competition, they had severe limitations – pigmentation change and scarring being just two of the most dangerous. For another twenty years though, laser therapy’s popularity grew, and then, in 1991, Dr Shimon Eckhouse solved some of the problems of conventional laser therapy, with the creation of IPL. It wasn’t until the year 2000 though that Dr Michael Kreindel combined IPL with radio frequencies, creating the stable, safe and incredibly effective elos technology. Enter Syneron With the revolution of elos, Syneron, a company dedicated to finding stable, safe, medical uses of elos technology, was formed, and began designing machines for use by dermatological professionals to treat some of the most common, and treatment conditions, including cellulite treatment, rosacea treatment, and even some that can help repair sun damage. The Syneron Advantage When it comes to rosacea treatment, treatment of other skin disorders, cellulite treatment, and the quest to repair sun damage, the Syneron elos system has numerous advantages over conventional treatments. Firstly, its multi wave and multi range, which means it’s suitable for any skin type. Secondly, it has minimal absorption, which means that the risk of scarring or pigmentation is negligible. Then there’s the question of effectiveness. Where rosacea treatment, cellulite treatment, attempts to repair sun damage, and a host of other dermatological issues have been largely a matter of hit and miss up till now, the Syneron elos technology has taken the guesswork, and the risk, out of the equation. Who Can Benefit From Syneron Treatment? If you’re looking for effective, safe rosacea treatment, want to repair sun damage, remove cellulite, remove wrinkles, or for effective hair removal, treat acne, or even resurface your skin, then Syneron has the solution for you. Their high technology treatment systems are safe and effective, so you need not have any concerns, either where safety is concerned, or whether you’re going to spend a fortune on treatments that don’t work, yet again. Where to Find Syneron Treatments Whether you’re looking for rosacea treatment, to remove wrinkles, or unwanted hair or cellulite, or to repair sun damage, then Syneron is most certainly a great choice for you.Because it’s so high tech though, it’s only available through properly trained and approved dermatologists, who will also be able to advise you on the best possible Syneron treatment program for you, based on your unique skin care needs. Isn’t it nice to know, that thanks to modern technologies like Syneron, you can have safe effective rosacea treatment, repair sun damage, remove unwanted hair and wrinkles, and treat a host of other dermatological and cosmetic problems, safely, effectively, and affordably? So stop wasting time and money on lotions and potions that don’t work, and start looking into the new technologies, like Syneron, that are out there, and can give you proven results. Please call my office at 702-382-6844 to schedule your appointment