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Stomach Firming Treatment

Stomach Firming Treatment
Reva Frey, RN offers cutting edge stomach firming treatments in Las Vegas . She can tone, tighten, and reduce unwanted belly fat without surgery, scarring, or downtime. Whatever you call it, the “Mommy Belly,” the “Muffin Top,” the “Jelly Belly,” or the “Spare Tire,” or if you can just pinch too many inches, Reva is here to help you today.

Tone That Tummy In Vegas

. For both women and men, the stomach can be a stubborn area to tone and tighten no matter how many crunches you do in the gym. With age, and especially after pregnancies, the belly will tend to store more fat and skin will become looser. Having a flabby belly is not something you have to accept or hide for the rest of your life. You can have your beautiful toned body back!

Velashape 3 For Stomach Firming

This cutting-edge nonsurgical weight loss procedure is performed with the VelaShape 3 which utilizes radio frequency, infrared light, and vacuum and mechanical massage to contour, shape and reduce unsightly tummy fat. If you are looking to lose stomach fat quickly and safely but do not want the risk and pain involved with going under the knife, do not have the time for lengthy workouts or fad diets, the VelaShape 3 noninvasive fat loss treatment is the perfect solution.

Fast, Easy, Effective Body Contouring

If you are tired of trying one pill, class, DVD, or product too many discover the many advantages of the VelaShape 3 stomach firming treatment:
  • Non-Surgical
  • No Downtime
  • No Scarring
  • Fast Results
With each new year comes New Years Resolutions. Your resolution of losing that muffin top, getting rid of unwanted fat, and seeing a toner flatter stomach in the mirror is possible without surgery, crazy juice fasts, or time-consuming workouts. With the VelaShape 3, you can lose belly fat and firm your tummy without any downtime, pain, or scarring, and you’ll see fast results!

Get The Results You Want Today

Get a jumpstart your weight loss goals and feel confident this summer sporting some skin at the pool. Call Reva Frey, RN today to schedule your stomach firming treatment appointment and you’ll be on your way to a flat, sexy stomach.