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Saggy Skin Reshaping

Saggy Skin Reshaping
If you’re looking for saggy skin reshaping or nonsurgical saggy skin reduction, contact Reva Frey, RN in Las Vegas. There are many factors that can contribute to saggy skin including extreme weight loss, pregnancy, sun damage, lifestyle choices, genetics, and the natural aging process. Anyone seeking tighter, firmer skin, without surgery and downtime will love the results from the Velashape 3 performed by Reva Frey, RN. In the past the only option seemed to be costly and painful surgery, but with the Velashape 3’s clinically proven technology you can get rid of saggy skin and take years off your appearance! Experience this saggy skin removal miracle today.

VelaShape And Saggy Skin

The VelaShape 3 uses radio-frequency, infrared light, and tissue manipulation. All three technologies work together to improve the health and firmness of your skin. Saggy skin is firmed and tightened without having to go under the knife. This is the safe saggy skin removal solution you have been waiting for.

Causes Of Saggy Skin

Unfortunately as we age our skin starts to lose collagen and elastin. Collagen is responsible for the strength of our skin and wound healing. Elastin keeps our skin tight and enables our skin to stretch and bounce back. When elastin fibers start to break down, our skin begins to sag. Too much sun exposure, poor diet, and habits such as smoking only contribute to collagen and elastin breakdown.

Saggy Skin Help

Pregnancy and dramatic weight loss can also be responsible for saggy skin because the skin has been overly stretched and collagen and elastin fibers have been damaged. But the solution does not have to be painful risky surgery. A “mommy makeover” is possible without a surgical tummy tuck! If you put in the work to lose weight but are left with loose extra skin you don’t have to subject yourself to invasive surgery. The VelaShape 3 can provide non surgical saggy skin reduction that’s safe and effective! The VelaShape 3 can improve saggy skin on all areas of the body:
  • Loose Thigh Skin
  • Saggy Skin On Belly
  • Bat Wings Or Loose Arm Skin
  • Saggy Skin On Rear
  • Loose Skin On Neck
No more mommy belly, you can wear a bikini with confidence again. You won’t have to worry about covering up the loose skin around your arms in the sun. Sagging skin reshaping on your rear and thighs can help you fit into your favorite jeans again. The VelaShape 3 can even be used around the neck area and give you back that youthful appearance!

Get Rid Of Loose Skin Today

If you have loose sagging skin on your belly, arms, thighs, butt or neck, before risking surgery, make any appointment with Reva Frey, RN in Las Vegas today. With the VelaShape 3 treatment, you will see a toner, firmer appearance in your skin, all without the downtime, pain and risk of costly surgery. See the difference nonsurgical saggy skin reshaping and saggy skin reduction can have on your life.