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Wrinkle Treatments

  • Marionette Line Treatment Las Vegas

    Marionette Lines

    Put on a happy face and erase the sad expression that marionette lines seem to convey, using Radiesse injections expertly administered by Reva Frey, RN, an aesthetic facial specialist in Las Vegas. Are others always asking you what’s wrong or telling you to “cheer up”? …

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  • Age Spot Treatment Las Vegas

    Age Spots

    Reva Frey, RN, performs professional age spot treatments in Las Vegas including chemical peel treatments, and resurfacing. If you need age spots treated and removed, we can help. We offer free consultations to find out more about our treatment process with no obligation. Your skin …

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  • Skin Resurfacing In Las Vegas

    Skin Resurfacing

    Visit Reva Frey for skin resurfacing in Las Vegas. Reva Frey, RN has provided numerous successful skin resurfacing procedures for clients. Reva Frey is known throughout the community for providing first-class skin resurfacing in Las Vegas. Skin resurfacing has been proven to show significant improvement …

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  • Crows Feet Las Vegas

    Crow’s Feet

    Are you looking for treatment for crow’s feet in Las Vegas  ? How do you know if you are suffering from crow’s feet or if Botox is right for you? Crow’s feet is described as any of the tiny wrinkles at the outer corners of …

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  • Frown Lines Las Vegas

    Frown Lines

    Give Reva Frey a call to eliminate frown lines in Las Vegas. For those with frown lines, surgical procedures, and pricey creams, are not the only options available to you. In fact, for those in the Las Vegas area, you can visit Reva Frey to …

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  • rejuvenation

    Skin Rejuvenation

    Skin Rejuvenation In Las Vegas Visit Reva Frey for skin rejuvenation in Las Vegas. The skin is an important part of the body that helps define the way you look. Ageing is one of the many reasons why the skin may lose its turgidity. Skin …

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  • Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

    Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

    If you are seeking a treatment for forehead wrinkles in Las Vegas, Reva Frey, RN can help you. Wrinkles on your forehead are not always attractive. They will not only make you look older, but they can also create a negative impact on your personality …

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  • Chemical Peels Las Vegas

    Chemical Peels

    Chemical Peels In Las Vegas A chemical peel at Reva Frey’s Las Vegas offices may be just the thing you need to show the world a fresh new version of yourself. Are you ready for a truly beautiful experience? Reva Frey is well known for …

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  • Wrinkle Reduction Las Vegas

    Wrinkle Reduction

    Las Vegas Anti Aging & Wrinkle Reduction Many women and men throughout Las Vegas  that are worried about the way they look as they get older. People want to remain looking youthful and will do pretty much whatever it takes to retain their “20-year-old” appearance. …

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  • Syneron Laser Treatment Las Vegas

    Syneron Laser Treatment

    Lasers weren’t invented until the 1960’s, although sometimes, it feels like they’ve been around for much longer, and it wasn’t until the 1970’s that they were finally stable enough to use on human skin, for dermatological treatments. Of course, while laser offered treatments and results …

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  • Wrinkle Reduction Las Vegas

    Laser Skin Tightening

    Laser Skin Tightening In Las Vegas For laser skin tightening in Las Vegas, visit Reva Frey, RN. Laser skin tightening is used to firm and tighten the skin. With age the skin loses elasticity and the result is often a softening of the jaw line …

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