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Cosmetic Injections

  • Botox For Armpits

    BOTOX® For Underarm Sweating

    If you are looking for excessive underarm sweating treatment in Las Vegas , contact Reva Frey today. If you are longing to wear the light sleeveless dresses of summer but are embarrassed by the excessive sweating of hyperhidrosis, Reva can give you drier armpits without resorting …

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  • Botox To Stop Smoking

    Botox® For Smoking Cessation

    Kick that nasty smoking habit and look younger in the process with Botox injections for smoking cessation by Reva Frey, RN, aesthetic facial specialist in Las Vegas . If you have tried medications, patches, gum or even hypnosis with little success but are truly motivated to …

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  • Botox Las Vegas

    BOTOX® Cosmetic

    Reva Frey, RN is a BOTOX® filler practitioner located in Las Vegas. Over the years Reva has become known for being one of the top BOTOX® injectors in Las Vegas who has been featured in the news and other publications. The reason Reva is recommended so highly …

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  • Xeomin Las Vegas


    For Xeomin® treatment in Las Vegas, contact Reva Frey, RN today. This injectable is is FDA approved and used for the cosmetic correction of facial wrinkles and to improve frown lines between the eyebrows. Reva Frey, RN is now offering the revolutionary new treatment Xeomin® to …

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  • Botox Vacation Las Vegas Slide

    BOTOX® Vacation

    “We will make you look so good that everyone will notice… but so ‘natural’ that no one will know!” Thinking about Botox but don’t want your friends, family, and co-workers to know? How about a Botox vacation in Las Vegas? You can come to Las …

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  • Cosmetic Surgery Alternative Las Vegas

    Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives

    Reva Frey offers cosmetic surgery alternatives in Las Vegas. The effects of aging have a way of creeping up on us. Often, we feel like the same young person on the inside, but then see a photograph of ourselves or catch a glance in a …

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  • Before & After Botox

    All About BOTOX®

    BOTOX® injections are big news these days. Every second a celebrity is singing praises about BOTOX® and the effects it has on their appearance. It’s ability to temporarily paralyze muscles, thereby smoothing wrinkles, and giving the face a more youthful appearance is highly prized by …

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