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Frown Lines

Frown Lines Las Vegas
Give Reva Frey a call to eliminate frown lines in Las Vegas. For those with frown lines, surgical procedures, and pricey creams, are not the only options available to you. In fact, for those in the Las Vegas area, you can visit Reva Frey to learn about the non-surgical options available to you to get back that jovial appearance you had a few years back.

Facial Fillers For Frown Lines

Facial fillers are one way to help eliminate frown lines. From dermal fillers to a liquid facelift which can help replenish the skin’s elasticity, we offer many fill options. Some fillers we offer are Juvaderm which corrects moderate face wrinkles, radiesse for frown lines and Perlane to help add volume to the skin. These fillers do not require surgery and take only a short visit to our office. Patients see an immediate difference and notice a great improvement of existing frown lines.

Botox Helps Existing Frown Lines

Another way to improve the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles is with botox. Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles, and naturally helps to smooth out the wrinkles that you notice on different areas of the face. This option is popular for both men and women, and it helps to present a younger looking appearance. Botox helps eliminate the appearance of fine lines for a period of time after the injections are used on patients.

Xeomin For Temporarily Improvement

This is another option available to visitors to the Reva Frey offices. It is similar to the other injections, such as botox, but it does not include the protein which is present in other injections. Xeomin is typically used for frown lines, squint lines, and fine wrinkles. The injection prevents the muscle fibers from contracting. This prevents frown lines from being visible when used by most patients.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Visit Reva Frey for a consultation and discuss the many options to eliminate frown lines in Las vegas. Surgical procedures are not the only solution. Whether injections or fillers are chosen, come in and find out what other solutions might be a viable option for treating your frown lines.