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Crow’s Feet

Crows Feet Las Vegas
Are you looking for treatment for crow’s feet in Las Vegas  ? How do you know if you are suffering from crow’s feet or if Botox is right for you? Crow’s feet is described as any of the tiny wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes resulting from age or constant squinting. If you would like a more youthful appearance within a few days, then Botox for crow’s feet may be perfect for you. Reva Frey, RN offers Botox cosmetic treatments that are simple 10-minute, non-surgical procedures. She is recognized as one of the top facial injectors in the Vegas valley.

Treating Crow’s Feet In Las Vegas

Botox treatments consist of just a few tiny injections that within a few days will noticeably reduce your crow’s feet. Results can last up to 4 months, and we recommend regularly scheduled treatments. Botox has been proven to effectively reduce the appearance of crow’s feet without any invasive surgery or expensive and ineffective skin creams. Most patients compare the sensation to a light pinprick that delivers immediate results and can last several months.

Botox Injections

You can receive Botox cosmetic injections up to every 4 months to maintain your beautiful new look. If you discontinue treatment, your crow’s feet will eventually look the way it was, before you began your improvements. Remember, there is no recovery time; the procedure is reversible and customizable. The best part is that the entire procedure takes less time than it takes you to fold a load of laundry or change a tire.

Crow’s Feet Treatment For Women & Men

Please don’t think that Botox for crow’s feet is a treatment only for women. Men are also concerned about their appearance and treating crow’s feet is important for them too. We encourage anyone who is concerned about his or her appearance and would like to maintain more youthful vigorous look to give us a call immediately. Reva Frey, RN works closely with all of her patients, male and female, and she is dedicated to helping them achieve their beauty goals. For Crow’s Feet treatment in Las Vegas, please call our Las Vegas office at (702) 382-6844.